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Frog: symbol of Joy, Luck, Transformation

The frog is a totem of transformation. There are many frog stories, but the fairy tale about the frog who is transformed into his original self – a prince – is a good illustration of the frog as a totem of transformation, and its resulting joy. Frog totems can also provide very powerful protection for children and have been known to give good dreams. Frogs transform from tadpoles into their adult form and this symbolizes the awakening of ones creativity. If you are about to experience a change in your current stage of life, you can learn from the frog.

Lucky Frog

Frogs are also a symbol of luck. For many centuries, the Frog has been a symbol of abundance, partly due to the very large number of eggs it lays at one time. It has been worn as an amulet. In Rome, the frog was a mascot believed to bring good luck to the home. In Ireland the frog is considered a close relative of the leprechaun and capable of playing tricks on you when least expected. The three-legged toad from China is the traditional pet of the immortal Liu Hai, who is also the Chinese god of wealth. This toad is a symbol for riches, and is often pictured with a gold coin in its mouth.

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2" x 1½"


Carved gemstone


Luck, Joy, Transformation

Totem Lesson:

Transitioning changes in your life