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      Carved Gemstone Hippo

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Zebra Jasper $14.98

 Hippo totem symbol
Zebra Jasper Hippo
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 Hippo totem symbol
Goldstone Hippo

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2 1/4" long x 1 3/4" tall


carved gemstone


birth, motherhood, protection of young

Totem Lesson:

Intuition for truth

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The hippo teaches us to follow a path that is determined to be successful!

The hippo represents routine paths and an intuition for truth that lead to our goals in life.

The Hippo lives both underwater and on land. It is both practical and stable and tends to follow set patterns.

While underwater, the Hippopotamus is able to see, hear and breathe. This can teach us a higher level of perception, and so increase intuition for the heart and truth of situations in life.

Hippo: symbol of birth, motherhood, protection of young

The hippopotamus is associated with birth, motherhood and the protection of young. The Hippopotamus, whose name means 'River Horse', protects the woman of the house, especially the woman of childbearing age.

Picture Jasper $19.98

sold out

 Hippo totem symbol
Picture Jasper Hippo



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