Carved Gemstone Whale


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Crystal Quartz Whale
small 1 1/4″ long

ships within 48 hours

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1 1/4″ long


carved from natural gemstones



Totem Lesson:

Creativity, inspires artistic sense


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Aventurine Whale
small 1 1/4″ long


temp. sold out

Opalite Whale
small 1 1/4″ long


sold out

Obsidian Whale
small 1 1/4″ long

Whale: symbol of Creativity, Provision, Protection

The Whale is the world’s largest mammal. The Whale, as the Seal, brings creativity into the home, but at a much deeper level.

The Whale protects the artist in all of us.

This totem symbolizes regeneration, new beginnings, and provides a sense of calm. Whales mate for life, they are caring and affectionate.

Learn from the Whale how to develop your creativity and create a peaceful connection with Divine.

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