Snakeskin Agate Pyramid


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Snakeskin Agate Pyramid

Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex.

A pyramid is also used to enhance and focus the inherent properties of the stone:

Snakeskin agate is an unusual agate named for its resemblance to the skin of a snake.

It’s energies promote strength in times of excessive activity. It also encourages a pleasant personality by providing inner peace and an appreciation for the simple joy of being alive. As a result, users of snakeskin agate experience increased cheerfulness and self love as well as a renewed love of life.

  • Create invisibility by becoming lost in a crowd
  • Assist in the reduction of worrying
  • Promote self esteem and self-awareness
  • Finding lost items

It has been used to initiate the rise of the kundalini (the feminine, dynamic, energetic and creative aspect of the universe from which all form is born).

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1 1/2" wide at base


reds, oranges, browns


Protection, Healing, Power