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      Carved Gemstone Rabbit

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

SITTING Goldstone $19.98

 Rabbit totem symbol

Sitting Goldstone Rabbit
2 1/4" tall


 Rabbit totem symbol

Hopping Goldstone Rabbit
2 1/4" long

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1 3/4" tall on 2" wide base; rabbits with no base are 2" long x 1 1/4" tall


Carved from genuine gemstones


love, fertility, vigilance, good luck

Totem Lesson:

Quick thinking, humility, intuition

HOPPING Rainbow Jasper $19.98

 Rabbit totem symbol

Hopping Rainbow Jasper Rabbit
2 1/4" long

HOPPING Kamababa Jasper $19.98

 Rabbit totem symbol

Hopping Kamababa Jasper Rabbit
2 1/4" long

Rabbit: symbol of love, fertility, vigilance

The rabbit was one of the favorite animals of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Being a symbol of fertility, the Rabbit is very beneficial to woman. The Rabbit is a symbol of faith for several religions.

Lucky Rabbit

The rabbit is very lucky in love. Keep a rabbit close to help overcome fear. The rabbit is the symbol of vigilance.

Rabbit Totem

The Rabbit survives by its wits and is a quick thinker. He is often associated with timidity and fear. This can remind us to move forward despite our fears and use our intuition to get through difficult situations.


 Rabbit totem symbol

Sitting Black Obsidian Rabbit
2 1/4" tall


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