Carnelian and Onyx Prayer Bead Necklace


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Carnelian and Onyx Prayer Beads

Buddhist Mala Beads are a valuable meditation tool to focus the mind. Use these beads to assist in removing distraction during your prayers.

  • Count prayers throughout your day
  • Follow your breath during meditation
  • Use them in rhythm with a mantra

Carnelian is a stone of courage, vitality, action and sexuality. Onyx promotes inner strength and focused attention, discipline.

This full size prayer bead mala necklace is handmade in Nepal from genuine carnelian beads with black onyx counters and a silk tassle.

Included is a jewelry bag to safely store and protect your prayer beads.

Prayer is a time to protect the mind. When you are ready to allow the noisy world to fade into the background, this is a very good time to pick up your prayer beads and fill your mind with blessed thoughts!

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108 beads; 8mm beads; approx. 32-36" long




Personal Power


Root Chakra, Sacral Hara Chakra


Fire element