Conch Shell with Druze


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Conch or Shankh Shell – symbol of wealth, protection and the Divine

The meaning of “Shankam” is “The conch holding the sacred water”. It is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Shum” which means something good and “Kham” meaning water.

In the Vedic scriptures, the Shankh is considered one of the most auspicious objects that emerged from the sea. It is beleived to be the brother of Goddess Lakshmi, the ruler of wealth.

Most of the Gods and Goddesses hold the Shankh in their hands. Shankh is one of the auspicious nine objects of Kubera who is the Lord of wealth. Blowing the Shankha is regarded as an auspicious sound at the start or end of any ceremony. It is said that when it is blown it announces the victory of good over evil.

In the Western world, the shell of this species is known as the “divine conch” or the “sacred chank”. It may also be simply called a “shankh” or conch.

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2" long


Natural conch shell with Druze crystals


wealth, protection, victory of good over evil