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gemstones and crystals

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      Vintage Gemstone Beads

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Gemstone Jewelry

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Gemstone Beads

Agate - Etched

Agate - Blue Lace

Agate - Botswana

Agate - White

Agate - Moss

Agate - Tree


Amber Bead

Amber Quartz Bead

Amethyst Bead

Ametrine Bead

Angelite Bead

Apatite - Blue

Aquamarine Bead

Aventurine Bead

Bloodstone Bead

Charoite Bead

Carnelian Bead

Chrysocolla Bead

Calcite - Mangano

Calcite - Blue

Chrysoprase Bead

Citrine Bead

Coral - Red

Coral - White

Crystal Bead

Druzy Bead

Dumortierite Bead

Emerald Bead

Flourite Bead

Garnet Bead

Hematite Bead

Howlite Bead

Iolite Bead

Jade Bead

Jasper - Ocean

Jasper - Picture

Jasper - Red

Jasper - Tiger

Jet Bead

Kunzite Bead

Labradorite Bead

Lapis Lazuli Bead

Lemon Quartz Bead

Malachite Bead

Moonstone - Peach

Moonstone - Rainbow

Moonstone - White

Obsidian - Black

Obsidian - Gold Sheen

Obsidian - Snowflake

Onyx - Black

Opal - Blue

Opal - Pink

Pearl Bead

Peridot Bead

Pietersite Bead

Pyrite Bead

Rhodonite Bead

Rose Quartz Bead

Ruby Bead

Sapphire Bead

Sardonyx Bead

Seraphinite Bead

Smokey Quartz Bead

Sodalite Bead

Sterling Silver Bead

Sunstone Bead

Tanzanite Bead

Tiger Eye Bead

Tourmalated Quartz Bead

Tourmaline - Black

Tourmaline - Green

Turquoise Bead

Turquoise - Mohave

Unakite Bead

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Vintage Beads

Vintage Beads are so rich in beauty, quality and ... memories! If you love the energy inherent in old things, you will want to get some of these vintage beads. Use them to make jewelry, to carry around with you, to place in a bowl as decoration. Each is unique and of course quantities are very limited, so grab them while they're available!

Gemtone Beads
Gemstone Beads

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Vintage Bead
Ceramic Heart Bead

Vintage Bead
Givre Triangle Bead

Vintage Bead
Vintage Shell Bead

Vintage Bead
Vintage Barrel Bead




Vintage Bead
Barrel Faceted Bead


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