How to choose your animal totem

Do you know your animal totem?

Knowing your animal totem gives you a chance to become complete and happy. Your animal totem can help you in all situations in your life. Your animal totem can help you fulfill your dreams. Having an animal totem by your side means you are never alone. Your totem will teach lessons you need to learn to have the life you want.

Your totem teaches a lesson

On occasion the lesson may seem very hard, but it is always for your well-being. Everyone wants to be happy, but knowing what will make you happy is not always as easy as it sounds. Knowing your animal totem can often help you

clarify the direction you should go to find your happiness. You may say “If I had more money I would be happy” or “If I had the right person to love me I would be fulfilled”. Your animal totem can help to show you the path to having more money or finding that special person you can love. Maybe you aren’t in the right job to make more money but don’t know how to get a better job, meditate with your totem to know what you should do. Even if you are a very happy person you can still benefit from the help of your animal totem. Your totem can show you how to spread your happiness to others. You know the more you give the more you get and I don’t know anyone who has said ” I have too much happiness” or ” I have too much love”. One of the most important attributes of knowing your animal totem is that the totem will lead you to your correct spiritual path.

The totem chooses you!

You may think you can just choose an animal to be your totem, but the animal really chooses you. There is an animal that watches over you at birth, somewhat like a guardian angel. This animal may or may not stay with you for life depending on how you develop and if you follow your life path. An animal totem may stay with you for a short while if there is a crossroad in your life that needs special attention. You may have several animal totems in your life, although most people have only one or two. It is rare that you may have more than one totem at a time, but it does happen that two animal totems are called to you.

How to find your personal totem

There are several ways to know what your animal totem is.

  • You may feel so attracted to a certain animal that you have collected many drawings, carvings or other types of images of this animal. The likeness of the animal brings the animal and its powers closer to you.
  • There may be an animal that frightens you. This could be your animal totem if there are lessons you should learn that you are strongly resisting.
  • You may dream about the same animal over and over.
  • The animal may come to you in deep meditation.
  • You may feel strongly about one of your zodiac animals, birth zodiac, Chinese zodiac or Native American zodiac.
  • Someone who is attuned to the invisible world may see your animal totem and tell you about it.

However you find your animal totem you are sure to have a changed life if you listen and learn the lessons of your animal spirit guide!

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