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      Cleansing by Smudging Ritual

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Smudging Ritual
Smudging Ritual
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Abalone Shell
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Self Smudging

Self smudging is used to clean oneself of unwanted, negative energies.

It is very simple and I hope you will enjoy the outcome once you have completed it.

Items needed for this ritual:

  • Howlite - Anger & Negativity Absorbtion
  • Agate - Protection
  • Sodalite - Inner Peace & Harmony
  • Tea Light
  • White Sage Smudge Stick

First, find an area large enough to move your arms and legs freely. It should be a place that is nicely ventilated so the sage smoke doesn't envelope you too heavily. However, thicker smoke is fine as long as you're okay with it.

Smudging and Cleansing

Personal Smudging Kit

Includes 1 white sage smudge stick, 1 Howlite, 1 Agate, 1 Sodalite, pouch, small tea light candle, instructions

Light your tea light candle. Use the flame from the candle to light your sage smudge stick. It may take a few moments to get it fully lit. Just slowly keep turning it so all sides touch the flame.

Once it is burning, gently waft air toward the burning end with your hand. This will gradually increase the flow of smoke. You want a steady stream of smoke before you begin, to ensure it won't burn out before you are finished cleansing.

Smudging yourself alone can be a little tricky to cover all areas of the body. That's where the added arm and leg room come in handy. This also works if someone else is smudging you. Feel free to call a friend and help them with a cleansing as well!

Gather your three stones and lay them in front of you. We will smudge these at the end of the cleansing. As for the body cleansing, speak or think your intentions and have a clear idea of your desired outcome of the cleansing. (Example: I welcome all positive energies coming in and cease all negative energies.) As you speak your intent it sometimes helps to invision dark light leaving your body from the back and white light flowing inwards. Once your desired result is clear to you, you'll then start at the bottom of your body and work your way upwards until you reach your head.

Lift each foot off of the ground, one at a time, and cross the smoking smudge stick underneath each one making a waving motion to cover the whole area. Keep going back and forth covering the front and back of your legs. Continue this motion all the way up your entire body. You may need to bend your head down in order to get the smoke to cross around your back. You can choose what is easiest, just be sure to spread the smoke all over. While you're working your way upwards, keep repeating your intent to yourself or out loud. I would suggest doing these steps slowly to be most thorough. When you reach your face and neck area, you may inhale and exhale deeply to get the smoke into your body. It is safe to do this, however some do not prefer it. The choice is yours.

Lastly, once you have completed the self smudge, now you can smudge your gemstones. Simply wave the sage smoke all around each one. You can hold them and wave them through the smoke as well if you prefer.

Your gemstones can now be carried with you each day and will help you fulfill your cleansing purpose. If you choose not to carry them, you can leave them in a stationary place where you tend to frequent. This could be your car, your bedroom, your office or even a work or school locker.

This ritual may be repeated as often as you like to get or to keep that fully positive cleansed feeling each and everyday!

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