Yule – Winter Solstice Ritual

Agate – This year will bring the stability and protection that you need. Your dreams
and daydreams provide guidance to achieve this.

Amazonite – Be prepared to step away from your usual routine and toward new experiences.

Amethyst – Keep a balance between work and home at this time. Do not let either
one dominate.

Ametrine – Use inspiration this year to change your life for the better.

Aquamarine – Take a few steps back so that you can see what is really going on.
Do not ignore those at home.

Aventurine – New people in your life need time to get to know you, and time is
needed for you to trust them.

Carnelian – If financial deals or emotional ties are holding you back, consider
releasing them for good at this time.

Charoite – Pay closer attention to messages in your dreams.

Citrine – Your thoughts on the larger situation are correct, so trust your perception
and intuition.

Black tourmaline – It is time to consolidate your plans for the future in solid
and realistic ways.

Bloodstone – New romance or projects that have been slow to start will blossom

Crystal quartz – Your perception of current situations is particularly clear at
the moment – be guided by it.

Chrysophase – Appreciate the little things in the months ahead and you will receive
unconditional love.

Emerald – Pour your heart into the situation without expecting anything in return.

Fluorite – You need more time alone in order to clarify your plans.

Garnet – Take a chance with a new friend or new group activities, but do not do so
in a serious way. Make no lasting commitments at this time.

Hematite – You need to put more effort into your leisure time if you want to do
the things you keep thinking about. Approach work with more flexibility.

Iolite – You need not believe what everyone else is saying. Go your
own way.

Silver Topaz – Go for it! This is the ideal time to do what you want and go where
you want.

Jade – Inspiration can be found by looking at your family history.

Lapis Lazuli – Distant memories may be very helpful in putting current events into
perspective. It will take effort to uncover the truth, but this will be rewarding.

Malachite – Spread your wings! You have hidden abilities.

Moonstone – Beginnings and endings are a natural part of life. Learn to accept
this reality.

Moss agate – Choices and directions will be clarified if you make time to be alone
and reflect on your life.

Orange Calcite – Your love life will be improved by paying more attention to the little details.

Red Jasper – You need to value your skills more and put them to better use with
more vigor.

Polychrome Jasper – Reorganize to be prepared for big changes coming soon.

Rutilated Quartz – This is not a good time to take risks or follow whims.
Act only when you are confident of the outcome.

Rhodonite – Indulge yourself in a luxury you seldom have the chance to enjoy. It
will open other possibilities for you.

Rose quartz – Emotional times for new relationships and relationships with children
are just ahead. Embrace these wholeheartedly.

Smokey quartz – More is happening than is apparent on the outside. Re-examine
your thoughts on projects that have not yet begun.

Snakeskin Agate – Develop more love for yourself and you will find lost talents that will increase your happiness and abundance.

Sodalite – Be prepared to expand your horizons further than you ever thought possible.

Sunstone – Honesty and openness are your path to good fortune at this time.

Tiger Eye – At present there is a possibility for study or travel with friends. Long
journeys connected with celebrations may lie ahead.

Tree Agate – Allow change to happen even though you are uncertain of the outcome. You
need to consider a transformation of your goals and a new direction.

White Opal – You need to practice more tolerance in order to achieve the understanding that will give you the emotional contentment you seek.

Blue Aragonite – Financial stability is on the horizon for you. Avoid excess.

Merlinite – At present there is a possibility for study or travel with friends. Long journeys connected with celebrations may lie ahead

Chiastolite – You need to eliminate conflict from your life at this time. Harmony will bring your goals closer to reality.

Dolomite – Be on the lookout for a new community which offers opportunity to you.

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