Protection – How to use gemstones for security and peace of mind

How to use Protection Gemstones

Your best shield against negative influence in your life is your own attuned state with life.


Gemstones emit vibrations that can help you to become more attuned to those things that will make up a safe, secure
environment. These include harmonious relationships, a balanced state of mind, respect for self and others, trading fear for love in all decisions.

Types of Protection

If one needs protection, the obvious question is “From What?” The need for protection assumes that
there is some negative influence that has the capability to bring harm to your home, family, business, personal
sense of security, happiness or quality of life. Identifying sources of harm or negative influences is an important
step toward achieving a sense of security and protection.

Guarding against your inner negativity

Some people need to be protected from inner negativity. They need to be protected from themselves. These people
are their own worst enemy by nurturing fear or greed or other undesirable characteristics that create a feeling
of insecurity and vulnerability. For example, a man who is dishonest in his business dealings with others will
distrust people and feel that he needs protection from being cheated by others. This person needs protection from
his own fear and dishonesty. He needs to become more attuned to a higher ethical standard in order to be truly

A person who is fearful of losing love may feel that he needs protection from being hurt by others. This can manifest
itself as jealousy, or being overly possessive, or resisting any serious relationship. This person is not attuned
to the other person, since their main focus is on themselves – whether they will be hurt – rather than on the person
they love and what they can offer that person in the way of increased happiness. Their priorities are upside down
– and such a person needs protection from their own harmful obsession with their own emotions.

They would enjoy heightened security by giving less importance to themselves and more to the people around them.
As long as your attention is on YOU instead of your environment and the people in it, you are leaving yourself
open to attack. This person should become more attuned to loving another as opposed to being loved.

Harm from exterior influences

There are sometimes real outside influences that mean to do us harm. Identifying people or ideas or groups who
pose a threat to our happiness is vital in order to guard oneself. In this case, one would become more attuned
to oneself – and notice if a particular person or environment leaves one feeling less cheerful or even ‘down’.

I once worked at a job where the majority of people were mostly unhappy in their jobs. The CEO was unpredictable
– threatening and dissatisfied one day and overly generous and kind the next. It kept the whole office in a state
of fear. One never knew if they would have their job from one day to the next.

There was little that I could do about this situation besides leave the company (which was not realistic at the
time). But I believed that I deserved security and should protect myself in some way…

A large fluorite ball on my desk did the trick to shield me from
the generally disgruntled atmosphere where I worked. Fluorite makes a wonderful ‘mental vacuum cleaner’ – it clears
the atmosphere of cluttered, confused thoughts and random negativity from varied sources. It assists in making
subtle discriminations regarding the kinds of energies and people that you allow to enter your world. Though fluorite
is not generally considered a protection stone, I used it effectively to guard against undesirable elements.

Often an employee (including the crazy CEO) would arrive in my office asking if they could just sit there for a
minute to ‘get away’ from everything. My office was a little island of peace within a confused and fearful work

Protection from being hurt (by a lover, friend or associate):

A rhodonite sphere or stone brings reconciliation where two people
have been hurting each other for a long time. It heals old wounds and scars and is sometimes called the “rescue
stone”. It helps to recover your unique gifts and opens your awareness to using these for the benefit of others.
Classically considered a love stone, rhodonite has energy that is ‘outward’ focused, or the giving of love, rather
than love flowing towards you (such as rose quartz or rhodochrosite).

If you feel weak…

Weakness can leave one open to attacks. When we feel weak, we are vulnerable, and the source of this is a reduction
of our life force caused by a lack of self esteem, or being overwhelmed by people or situations around us.

Rhyolite fortifies your natural resistance. It will bring about
an increased awareness of your own inner strength. Jasper is an excellent
stone to enhance endurance and stamina. If you are working long and hard and feel you are being drained, and therefore
at risk – jasper is a very effective protection stone.

When you feel the world is out to get you…
If you get fearful watching the news, or feel anxious about the state of the world in general, you are probably
out of harmony with yourself and your environment. Being out of harmony can leave you feeling unsafe. Things
are out of balance when you see only the dangerous side of life. Because the truth is, there is much to be grateful
for, and much beauty all around you.

Amazonite is the supreme harmony stone, both within oneself and
with other people. It facilitates your ability to see multiple points of view on any situation. It allows you to
find and know your inner truth – this in turn opens the door to finding a harmony and balance in your attunement
to good and evil.

Another important balancing stone is moss agate. This stone has
strong grounding energies that help you to stabilize and focus on constructive actions. It is an excellent stone
for anyone recovering from an addiction as it offers protection from unstable states of mind (such as loss of self control).

Know your gemstones

Get to know your gemstones and their various properties. Of course there are stones that are clearly protective
agate, jade, jaspers of all types, onyx, all the obsidians, turquoise, tiger eye. But you can get creative with
using gemstones for protection by identifying the particular type of protection that you need and then finding
a stone with the energy to combat a specific type of threat. Discover the meanings of gemstones!

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