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Good Luck

Luck can mean fortune, force that operates for good or ill, advantage or an object of good fortune. Let’s take
each of above and see if we can have a better life with luck.

What is good luck?

Is it chance? Is it something we are born with? Is it good planning? Maybe it is a little bit of all these things.
Is it something we can control? I believe we cannot control luck, but we can influence luck. As we examine the
list word by word I’ll show you how we can influence luck.

Pouch of Good Luck Stones


Fortune is definitely good luck.

The word fortune brings to mind financial success. Having enough money is certainly lucky. Again, money is something
we can be born with or we can accumulate it by work and planning.

Force that operates for good or ill, please, make it only good. There are many forces and vibrations flowing
about us all the time. Putting quartz crystal points in the home helps make the life
force much more good luck friendly. An aventurine gemstone in the left pocket makes
the chance of getting more money better odds. So, we can influence the forces to be kinder to us.

Having advantages in as many areas of life as possible is a very good thing. Being born with beauty is an advantage,
but learning to cultivate charm and wit is a greater advantage. Being born with money is an advantage, but arranging
to get a good education and keep learning all your life is even a better advantage.

I want to be the object of good fortune. I want to have many objects of good fortune. Is being the object
of good fortune and having objects of good fortune the same thing? There is a connection. First I have the intent
to have good fortune. Intent is a strong word. It is living my life with a great deal of attentiveness and purpose.
I must intend to have luck. Every day I must design to have good luck. This intent helps bring the friendly life
forces to flow around me. I keep several objects and symbols of good luck in my home, my car and often in my pocket.
I have a little pig on my nightstand by the clock. This pig was given to me to remind me to have a new idea each
day of how I can make my life better. The pig is the first thing I see when I wake. That little pig is a symbol
of good luck to me.

Now, what is luck? It is paying attention. Luck is planning. Luck is chance. Good luck is influenced by our
paying attention to everything around us, so we are able to take advantage of any opportunity that can make us
a better life. Good luck is influenced by planning not just for today but for the years to come, such as saving
some money every week. There is always an element of chance in life, but this only makes life more exciting. Good
luck in influenced by intent and having objects of good luck around us to remind us all the time of the intent.


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