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Encountering Gemstones – How to Choose Stones, Crystals

(Human Nature and Personality, Diversity, Vibrational Compatibility, Attraction and Repulsion, Encountering a Gemstone)

article by Benjamin Dean

How in the world can a rock help us to heal? The idea of a stone healing a human being must seem ridiculous to anyone who has yet to experience it. There was a time when I was also skeptical—not just skeptical, but would laugh if you even suggested that rocks, minerals or metals could do anything but just sit there. It could maybe look pretty. It must have been quite a while ago. I have been a practicing gem therapist (for myself, mostly) since the early eighties.

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Most human beings have personalities. Why do I say “most” human beings? Let us deal with another question first. Is personality a conscious choice on the part of a human being? Perhaps we should define the term “personality” in order to make all of this easier to discuss. The value in understanding what we mean by personality is that we may by this come closer to understanding its counterpart in the mineral world, and consequently more readily recognize a good match in a gemstone or crystal.

We have all experienced both attraction and repulsion when it comes to fellow human beings. It is not that we have come across an evil being, but that there are those we find compatible and those that we do not. It is no crime to have our feelings one way or another. It simply happens. We may even have the presence of heart to respect them as individuals in their own right, and yet still choose not to be around them. The sensitive types (like me and perhaps you) often spend years trying to experience a glowing universal love with all human beings, and believe me it is not in the cards.

We must not hesitate to act on our feelings of repulsion (or attraction, for that matter) if that is what is happening. Ideally, of course, we would want to do this with the utmost respect. There has been much talk recently due to the wonderful work of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks on the Law of Attraction, and we must remember that some of us are still unconsciously (or consciously) drawn into conflict and resistance as we continue to learn about the baggage we all carry around.

There is a great exercise that actors in training must sometimes do and it is called “Neutral Mask”. It involves wearing a white mask that has an absolutely neutral expression on it. One actor will go onstage in front of his or her cohorts and while wearing the mask perform simple tasks. The classmates busy themselves writing down adjectives describing the persona onstage. The body reveals so much. The argument from an acting viewpoint is that in order to play another character we must first be able to wipe the slate clean— and almost impossible thing to do.

It is when we have conscious motive that we influence personality, and yet in us dwells the history of our behavior on an unconscious level. The stereotype of a guru is one who walks very slowly and speaks softly so as not to let anyone see these prevailing characteristics. The people who I have met who seem to be most clear of baggage are actually quite spontaneous, responsive and have a certain something going on that is absolutely specific to them. They are undeniably themselves.

Buddha sits, Krishna dances, and Mahavira walks naked. We are all different even when we drop all of the mess of conscious personality. Conscious personality is what we think of ourselves. It is how we self-identify. Without it we are easier, more pure, but still full of whatever truly makes us individuals. What is it that makes us all so rich with diversity? It is a beautiful thing. It is the reason we all tremble when we see watch a science fiction movie where we have all become exactly alike. This is of course a metaphor for how we all resist individuality and take our cues from the television or other media on how to behave or be.

It is encouraging to realize that when we fully individualize we become more distinct. It is a miracle of nature. Nature makes no duplicates. We are all absolutely different. Sure, there are specifications that nature has to meet in order to have us walk about, digest and so on, but there is so much room diversity, that we all end up different. It is the sheer complexity of the human body that sends us off in so many directions in terms of looks, shape, size, color, and energetic flavor.

Crystals and gemstones are similar in this respect. They are less complex, but they do have difference in energetic flavor. Gemstones are bound structurally to a vibration. The vibration is made up of a combination of a number of things, including color, geometry, and content. The content is the raw materials of the stone. The color has to do with frequency, and the geometry is a matter of the way the materials are bound together in relationship.

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About Benjamin Dean

Benjamin is a poet, playwright and author of material on holistic healing. When he is not writing or meditating, he is cooking, running, relaxing at a local coffee shop, or spending time with his family. His studies include holistic medicine, psychology, theatre, astrology, crystals and gems, numerology, sacred geometry, Taoism, and Zen. He has been writing for over thirty years, and it remains his passion. His site on Holistic Healing can be found at How Nature Heals - Holistic Natural Health, Healing The site features a wide range of insightful, in-depth articles on how natural healing works. His poetry can be found at Short Zen Poems for Meditation - Koans Quotes and Short Poems about Life - Deep Funny Cool.

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