Four Corners Protection Spell

Ritual for Safety & Security: Four Corners Protection

You don’t have to carry fear with you. You can feel secure.

The past year has been a time of many natural disasters and fear of terrorists. Many of you are full of fear

and anger. You know this is not a healthy or happy way to live.

You have no control over nature or other people, but you can control your own self and your home.

You will decide if your home is in the safest natural environment possible.

Your common sense will direct you to make sure your home is well built and well taken care of. You tell you

children to not talk to strangers. You check on your mother everyday. You are aware of people around you when you

are in a crowd. Yet you still have some fear…

Stone Kit: Four Corners Protection Ritual

Includes: 5 amulet bags; free bonus packet of sea salt; 15 gemstones: 1 aquamarine – 4 eye agate – 4 tiger eye – 1 orange calcite – 5 black



You need to know you are doing all you can for the safety of your family. I have a new ritual that will help

you be more alert to safety and help protect your home and family.

Items needed:

  • 1 aquamarine
  • 4 eye agates
  • 4 tiger’s eye
  • 1 orange calcite
  • 5 black tourmaline
  • 5 silk bags
  • 4 oak, holly or ivy leaves (you may use 4 of the same kind of leaf or 4 different leaves)
  • Sea salt
  • Spoon

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