Personal Love Reading

Are you in a healthy, compatible relationship?

Whether you are in a relationship now, are just starting on a path with someone new, or looking for your soul mate, a personal reading from Holistic Healer and Psychic, Catherine Avizinis (Calya) can assist you to find healthy and lasting love and romance.

Looking for new love

If you are looking for love – Ask Catherine a question about your love life.

Compatibility with existing love

If you want to know your compatibility with someone you are with, send Catherine both names with a question.

Within 48 hours, you will receive a personal Love Quest Map tailored to YOU! Included in the reading are:

  • The color energy that surrounds your love life now and what this means
  • The health and balance of your colors
  • Colors that are depleted
  • The Element (earth, wind, fire, water) connected to your colors
  • The rune that applies to your question
  • Challenges you face or will face regarding your romance
  • Three gemstones that you can use to encourage a healthier love life
  • A personal affirmation or ritual you can use to encourage a desired outcome to your question

Love compatibility reading

Get your personal
Love Quest Map

by Calya, author of
Calya Journey-Wise

Calya Journey-Wise – Soft cover, 174 pages by Catherine Avizinis. Use this workbook with your reading for your own daily secret color-coded message map.


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