Encountering Gemstones How to Choose Stones, Crystals

Encountering Gemstones How to Choose Stones, Crystals

(Human Nature and Personality, Diversity, Vibrational Compatibility, Attraction
and Repulsion, Encountering a Gemstone)

article by Benjamin Dean

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Beginner’s Stone Collection

We may look at a piece of amethyst with a bit of something else in it and react
negatively thinking that it is less pure. Those jewelers who would prefer to find a
piece that is virtually transparent have no sense of a stones character. You dont
reject a tree because it has more branches on one side than another. Symmetry
is one thing, but depth and range of experience is another. If you look in a
department stores catalog pages featuring jewelry it is like looking at the
Cosmopolitan magazine of stones. That world is driven by glamour, not richness
or depth of experience.

So the first thing we must get past is the stuff we were trained to see. We must
learn instead, just as we do with people, to look past the appearance and
encounter the stone on an energetic level. Incidentally, this can be done without
being in personal contact with the stone. I have bought quite a number of stones
online by simple being drawn to the photograph. If you are walking by the
newsstand and see a picture of the Dalai Lama, the photograph alone can make
you feel giddy with simplicity and joy.

I pick out stones and herbs in pretty much the same way. I am drawn to them and
then I look up what they are supposed to help with or heal, and say Oh that
makes perfect sense. I have also approached it scientifically knowing that I had
to find something to help me with my such and such. Once I have found the type
of stone, then I go straight to encountering them. It is important to be in a
receptive state. The less that we put out in terms of willpower or need, the more
vulnerable we can be to how the stones feel to us.

Be open to the fact that a stone can be dirty with both energy and dirt. A good
cleansing will help. The more you do it, the more you will be able to distinguish
what is dirt, what is energy, what is the stones nature, what is the stones
personality, and what is the stones history. It IS possible to see all of these
things. Just ask the question, and you will get answers. You may believe that you
have just come up with these answers willy nilly, but it is all you have, and it is
usually right.

I was visiting a stone shop in Olympia, Washington in May of 09 and I had to
walk right back out. The energy of the owners had permeated the place. I just felt
sorry for all of the stones. They were imprisoned in this store with this ugly
energy. It is not the first time it has happened to me. Some folks just see them as
something to sell, and project this alone. These stones are not beyond energetic
repair, but if you are just starting out, I would avoid any place of business with
this general vibe.

– Benjamin Dean

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Benjamin is a poet, playwright and author of material on holistic healing. When he is not writing or meditating, he is cooking, running, relaxing at a local coffee shop, or spending time with his family. His studies include holistic medicine, psychology, theatre, astrology, crystals and gems, numerology, sacred geometry, Taoism, and Zen. He has been writing for over thirty years, and it remains his passion. His site on Holistic Healing can be found at How Nature Heals – Holistic Natural Health, Healing The site features a wide range of insightful, in-depth articles on how natural healing works. His poetry can be found at Short Zen Poems for Meditation – Koans Quotes and Short Poems about Life – Deep Funny Cool.

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