Eagle #876with Kyanite Cross


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Natural Agate Slice:
Wall or Window Hanging Sculpture

Eagle Symbol: Spiritual Energy, freedom, power

agate slice

The eagle is revered as sacred. Living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence – high-soaring eagles are believed to touch the face of God. Eagle feathers are a symbol of power and healing.

The eagle teaches us to remain connected to our spiritual realms. Eagles have excellent vision – they inspire true insight that will bring us to a more spiritual place in the universe. It is also said to offer protection from bad energy. The eagle is the symbol of higher spiritual energy.

The eagle also teaches us about patience, perched in a tree for hours on end. An eagle totem will guide you to courage, keen vision, connection with a greater spiritual energy, and the freedom this will bring.

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5 1/2" x 7"


Pinks, grays, blues


Natural Agate Slice with Kyanite Cross and pewter eagle


Spiritual Energy, freedom, personal power