Natural Agate Slice Hand-Painted Owl on Turkey Feather


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Natural Agate Slice:
Wall or Window Hanging Sculpture

agate slice

Owl: symbol of magic and wisdom

The Owl was associated with the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. Soldiers have held the Owl as a special bird because it stays awake at night, which is the hardest time for soldiers to stay awake. Some Native Americans see the Owl as the symbol of the soul.

The owl has exceptional vision and sense of hearing. It symbolizes wisdom and ability to see and hear clearly despite the darkness. To bring out your hidden qualities keep an owl in your home. The owl is the symbol of magic.

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8" x 6 1/2"


Oranges and Browns


Natural Agate Slice with Hand-Painted Owl on Turkey Feather


Magic, agility in body and spirit, clear vision, perception