Dyed Agate Slice Mystic Owl #0141with rose quartz & amethyst point


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Natural Agate Slice:
Wall or Window Hanging Sculpture

agate slice

Agate Properties

Agate is one of the oldest recorded stones. Some properties attributed to agate are:

  • Encourages spiritual maturity and growth
  • Increases your inner vision
  • Give protection, security and safety
  • Dissolves inner tensions
  • Strengthens rational thought

Owl Symbol

The owl has exceptional vision and sense of hearing. The owl totem symbolizes wisdom and ability to see and hear clearly despite the darkness. To bring out your hidden qualities keep an owl in your home. The owl is the symbol of magic.

Tree of Life Symbol

Most cultures have a tree somewhere in their myths. At times it is a ‘cosmic tree’ that all mystics must climb to understand the gods. The symbol of the Tree of Life reminds us of the love and grace God gives to each of us. It has been said trees are the earth’s effort to speak to heaven. As a tree’s branches give shade and protection from the sun, God always gives us love and protection. Knowing that we are loved and not alone can give us the strength to do things we did not know we were capable of doing.

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5" tall x 5" wide


Deep to light purples, lavender, crystal


Dyed Agate Slice with soldered wire trees and pewter owl


Magic, Mystery, Wisdom