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3 angel stones

Includes angelite, seraphinite, mangano calcite, pouch and card




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Archangel Blessings

There is a vast host of archangels that watch over each and every one of us on a daily basis. Each one being special in their own way. They offer different methods of helping or healing us in our daily lives. The best way to understand and except these blessings is to know a little about each special angel and what they have to offer.

Michael - Strength & Protection

Michael is a very special archangel and souly provides strength and protection when you need it most. He fights evil with the power of good. Many believers say he communicates boldy when called upon for guidance and protection from outside forces.

Raphael - Love, Joy & Healing

Raphael provides healing to our minds, bodies and spirits. He is the angel called upon for a quick recovery as well as good health. He is not shy or subtle when he is called upon. Belivers have said he makes sure you feel his precence and know he has arrived to help with the situation at hand. It's the strong sense of love, joy and comfort that lets you know he's working for you.

Archangel Stones
Archangel Stones
Archangel Stones Kit
Includes 4 stones (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel), box and instructions


Gabriel - Mercy & Peace

Gabriel is well known as the courier archangel. He delivers significant messages throughout your life. He gives guidance and insight for current situations you may be dealing with. Some say he has also offered glimpses in to the future. Call upon him when you feel you need to overcome a doubt, you desire guidance, or you just need peace from a significant situation.

Uriel - Visions & Instruction

Uriel rules the mental plane. Your thoughts, ideas and wisdom. He shines a light when there is darkness or confusion to help resolve conflicts. He helps you let go of detructive emotions and recognize dangerous situations so you can avoid them.

Although there is a brigade of archangels watching over us, these four angels are most commonly called upon throughout our lives. They offer an abundance of amenities and can truly help when you need it most. The angel stones are used to aid in healing of the mind body and soul and can be placed on oneself or in a location most needed. You can carry the one currently needed in your purse, wallet, vehicle or even in your pocket.

Smudging before calling upon the angels can also be beneficial as well. It cleanses you and or your space and rids out any negativity that may hinder the angels from getting through easily during your current situation. These archangels are powerful and can provide healing with no trouble, however smudging regularly could intensify the power and aid in the healing process.

Read more about smudging here.

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