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Gemstone Balls - Display Stands


45 - 50mm

Ruby in Zoisite Sphere
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Ruby Gemstone meaning

The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. Placed under a pillow the ruby may ward off bad dreams. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty.

Ruby in Zoisite Ball

Green Zoisite promotes growth and fertility in all parts of life. It is a rebirth stone that brings inner personal advancement and understanding of one's spirituality.

Ruby is a stone of life force, courage and passion. This stone combination harmonizes the root, heart and third eye chakras for increased personal inner and outer development.

Ruby in Kyanite Ball

Ruby combines well with blue kyanite to assist in the attainment of goals, and to let go of old, unhealthy patterns. This nurturing combination helps one to discover what is most needed for personal balance and security.

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