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      Kunzite Gemstone Bead

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Gemstone Beads

1 bead
10 x 12mm $8.00

1 bead
15 x 20mm $15.00

Kunzite flat oval beads (Grade AA)

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48 hours

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Flat Oval;
15 X 20mm or 10mm x 12mm


Shimmering Purple, White




Good Luck, Love, Power, Healing


Heart Chakra


Water element

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Rough Kunzite

Kunzite Gemstone Meaning

Kunzite was discovered at the Pala Chief Mine near San Diego, California and named after gemologist GF Kunz, who first described it after the turn of the twentieth century. Kunzite is an unusual, and rare, stone.

Wear kunzite to be blessed with good fortune. Its soft pastel colors symbolize purity. It can also be a sign of new life and is sometimes regarded as a symbol for pregnancy.

Kunzite is a calming, relaxation stone:

  • Releases tension
  • Promotes a peaceful disposition
  • Emits exceptionally tranquil vibrations

Kunzite opens the heart to all forms of love.

The gentle energy of kunzite helps to release blocks in matters of the heart and allows one to move to a more receptive state. It is an especially wonderful gift stone, opening a silent communion of joy and delight.

Healing properties of Kunzite

Gaze at or hold a kunzite to release daily stress, smooth out knotted muscles, calm nerves, anger or fear.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.