Vintage Givre Triangle Bead


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Vintage Givre’ Beads

Givre (pronounced gee-vray) refers to a bead that is either crystal or transparent that has an interior color. The beads are usually made using a glass encasing technique before they are pressed into molds.

Most vintage beads are hand made and each are very unique and have been used in jewelry making for eons. These beads are generally made of glass or ceramic and have very intricate designs.

Vintage Beads are so rich in beauty, quality and … memories! If you love the energy inherent in old things, you will want to get some of these vintage beads. Use them to make jewelry, to carry around with you, to place in a bowl as decoration. Each is unique and of course quantities are very limited, so grab them while they’re available!

These antique beads are rare and very few of these kinds exist. They can be matched up with many of our gemstone beads to create a unique look in your jewelry.

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Triangle; 14mm


Light Blue, White