Cavansite Blossom on white stilbite crystal covered matrix


Cavansite crystal

Cavansite Power Pendant

Cavansite is a rare mineral forming small blue sparkling rays of crystals. It is found only in a small area of India. Cavansite is rarely collected due to its scarcity and difficulty of mine access.

Cavansite unites the throat and third eye chakras for clear insight, effective communication and greater understanding.

Cavansite is a stone of revelation and prophesy, stimulating spiritual breakthroughs.

It is beneficial for:

  • channeling spiritual information
  • Opening the door to truth without interference
  • Calming the nerves and emotions
  • Used with stilbite, it opens the heart chakra
  • Used with apophyllite, cavansite increases psychic abilities
  • Used with emerald, rose quartz, pink tourmaline or morganite, cavansite enhances the communion of the heart and mind.

Additional information

Approximate Size:



Wind Element


Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra


Power, Healing, Love