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      Sacred Geometry Shape: Crystal Cube

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Sacred Geometry - Symbols- Gemstone Totem Animals



Solid Copper Cube
1" square

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1" cube


Natural Crystal Quartz


in clear crystal, copper

In Chinese tradition the cube representats the earth deity. In Mayan tradition, the Tree of Life grows from the Centre of a Cube. Among the pagan mythologists, Mercury, or Hermes, was always represented by a cubical stone, because he was the type of truth, and the same form was adopted by the Israelites in the construction of the tabernacle, which was to be the dwelling-place of divine truth.

The cube as a symbol is associated with solidity, truth and endurance.

It represents the four elements of earth as well as its four corners corresponding to the sunrise, sunset, midday, midnight and to the solstices and the equinoxes.

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