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The Elements

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The Earth Element Stones...

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Book Astrological Elements

Book: Astrological Elements
How Fire, Earth, Air and Water Influence Your Life

The Elements Gemstones

The elements are the forces of nature that express the energies existing on Earth. These are Earth, Fire, Wind (Air), Water and Storm. Earth's energy is released through it's minerals and stones. Gemstones vibrate to a wide range of energies existing in the elemental forces of nature.

Plato beleived that the four elements were intertwined, and could pass from one to another. He wrote: "Let us begin with what we now call water. We see it, or we suppose, solidifying into stones and earth, and again dissolving and evaporating into wind and air."

The elements have been regarded as principles and forces with specific meanings for many centuries. The Greek philosopher Empedocles recorded these in his book On Nature. He believed that nothing came to be or ceased to be, but that everything was in an eternal state of change.

Click the links to the left to read some of the properties attributed to the Four Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) and Storm (created when all four elements are activated at once.)

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element stones

5 Element Stones
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  • Hematite for Earth (physical, grounding, structure)
  • Blue Calcite for Wind or Air (spiritual doorways, creativity, vision)
  • Sunstone for Fire (energy, health, willpower, sexual expression)
  • Blue Aventurine for Water (friendships, love, reason, communication)
  • Pietersite for Storm (cleansing, transformation)


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.