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      Tiger Iron Egg

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Gemstone Eggs - Display Stands


50mm tall (2")

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tiger iron egg
Tiger Iron Egg
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50mm tall (2")


Golden browns, yellows, silver-grays


Protection, Power, Healing

Tiger Iron Egg

Tiger Iron is a banded stone consisting of layers of tiger eye, jasper and hematite. The name comes from the combination of tiger eye and iron-rich hematite.

Tiger Iron is a stone of courage, strength and stamina.

  • Stimulates the Root Chakra
  • Excellent for body builders or anyone who wants to build up physical strength
  • Reinforces health patterns
  • Encourages creative expression (great for musicians and actors)
  • Focuses your will and mental clarity

  • Tiger Iron Sphere
  • Gemstone Eggs

  • No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.