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Jade Tears of Buddha

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Pisces, Libra (Ancient)


Mercury, Jupiter


May (Ancient)


Love, Power, Healing


Fourth Chakra – Heart

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Jade Gemstone meaning

Clear emerald green. This is the Imperial colored Jade. This is the color of occult wisdom. There is a legend when the Buddha attained his awakening, he cried for joy and his tears fell to the ground as jade. This could be why jade has been used in ailments of the eyes. Jade is termed the concentrated essence of love. A jade tear will inspire your mind to make a quick and precise decision.

There are 2 types of jade. Jadeite jade is a semi-opaque or translucent stone that comes in almost every shade of green there is. Very translucent emerald green jadeite jade is known as imperial jade. Jadeite jade also comes in white, reddish orange or brown, grayish blue, gray, pink, and pale lilac. Beautiful carvings are made from all the colors. The best jadeite jade comes from Burma, although there is not much there now. Older Chinese art is made from “Burmese jade”. Some jadeite jade comes from Japan and the United States.

Nephrite jade is the jade most used in necklaces and other jewelry. It is mostly a strong green, but can be found in other shades of green, gray, blue-gray, white and yellow-brown. Nephrite jade is found in many more places than jadeite jade. Nephrite jade is found in Turkestan, Siberia, New Zealand and United States. Nephrite jade has been known as the “kidney stone”. It was seen as a protection against kidney disease.

Jade has been used as early as 3000 BC for ornaments. It is said jade will help keep one young and also help to stimulate occult wisdom and universal attunement. In business it is said that if you hold a jade in the right hand, the correct decision will be made.Jade amulets have been found in tombs in Egypt, China and Mexico.

Healing properties of Jade

Jade is the most precious of all stones in China and Japan. The Chinese say the Jade’s virtues are; clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Green Jade has a calming effect when held. Just holding Jade will bring tranquil sense especially if it is carved into a shape or symbol meaningful to the holder.
Lavender Jade radiates love, beauty and security. It can help mend mental and emotional problems.
Red Jade gives a very energetic vibration to the holder or it can bring forth anger that the person is holding back. It will get the anger out in the open so the person can face the anger and clean it out. This can be a very emotional and demanding time for the person, but in the end the soul will be calmer.
Orange Jade also gives energy.
Yellow Jade aids poor digestion and constipation.
Blue Jade works with the mind, thoughts, ideas and imagination and will help all these to be more effective.
Mauve Jade has a delicate spiritual vibration and will help the person in his spiritual needs, especially when worn as a necklace.
Other colors of Jade are not as strong, but will have a calming effect.
Any color of Jade is very comforting worn as jewelry.

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