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      Aventurine Bracelet

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Aventurine and Crystal
8mm Bead Bracelet $19.99

aventurine bead bracelet
Aventurine 8mm Bead Bracelet...$19.99

This bracelet was made with Aventurine and Crystal Quartz

Personal Prosperity Bracelet $29.99

personal prosperity bracelet
Custom Personal Prosperity Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet is made with Aventurine, Malachite and Crystal Quartz. Stretch.

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Mens Hematite bracelet
Hematite and Aventurine #449

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Luck, Money, Healing

Aventurine Jewelry
Tumbled Aventurine

Aventurine Bracelets

Wear Aventurine to:

  • Encourage a positive attitude
  • Bring good luck and fortune
  • Open new opportunities
  • Balance the Heart Chakra

Good Luck Bracelet $29.99

good luck bracelet
Aventurine Good Luck Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with Aventurine Tiger Eye. Stretch.


Bracelet Aventurine Chunky Chip

Aventurine bracelet
Aventurine Chunky Chip Stretch Bracelet...$19.99

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.