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  • Aquamarine chip gem stone necklace


    Aquamarine chip necklace Wear aquamarine to establish a closer relationship with the spiritual side of yourself. This stone is often used in deep meditations. Aquamarine is a blue-green stone that comes from Colombia and Brazil. It has been called “Water of the Sea”, because of its color. The aquamarine is the stone of sailors, believing…

  • Crystal Quartz chip gem stone necklace


    Crystal gem stone necklace You just have to hold and gaze into a crystal to feel your mind becoming tranquil. This gemstone necklace should be worn to promote more patience or perseverance. Natural clear quartz crystal has a remarkable energy. It vibrates all of the color frequencies of the spectrum. It is effective to clean…

  • Emerald chip gem stone necklace


    Emerald gem stone chip necklace The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was thought to preserve love. The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. It is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy. For some the emerald acts as a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. The emerald…

  • Hematite chip gem stone necklace


    Hematite necklace Hematite was used in ancient Egypt as a healing stone for blood related ills. A power stone, hematite fortifies your survival and strengthens your will. Hematite is good for increasing intuition. Hematite is used to improve relationships. If you need your personal relationship to be better, wear this hematite necklace. Tumbled Hematite Hematite…

  • Howlite chip gem stone necklace


    Howlite gemstone chip necklace Wearing a white howlite necklace will help release stress. Howlite is a stone that brings calm with alertness. It’s white color holds energies of strength as well as innocence. Wear or hold howlite to reduce anger, stress and painful emotions. Healing properties of howlite Aids in disorders of the bones. Some…

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    Lemon jade chip necklace


    Lemon jade gem stone chip necklace All Jades are popular for their love and healing energies. Yellow Jade is particularly gentle, and can be worn to acheive a deeper understanding or empathy. It is particularly helpful in understanding the meaning of your dreams. Wear Yellow Jade to enhance your compassion, knowledge and emotional balance.

  • Malachite chip gem stone necklace


    Malachite gem stone necklace Malachite is said to protect the wearer from accidents and especially protects travelers. Wear this malachite gemstone necklace to business meetings where you want some added protection from undesirable business associations. It is a stone of balance in relationships. Read more about the healing properties of Malachite. Tumbled Malachite Malachite Pendant

  • Moss Agate Square Pendant


    Moss Agate Square Pendant in sterling silver setting Moss agates are considered the most powerful of the agates. It was the agate of warriors. Moss agate is the most powerful of the agates that helps balance emotional energy. It helps the user to let go of anger and bitterness, so the emotions are balanced. When…

  • Onyx chip necklace


    Onyx chip necklace Onyx was once thought to be the manifestation of a demon imprisoned. It is a protective stone that can be worn to face adversarial situations or people. Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the…

  • Peridot necklace


    Peridot gem stone necklace Because of the high content of yellow in peridot, it has the quality of developing intellect. This is a stone of lightness and beauty. Peridot brings balance and tranquility to the emotions. Used in a necklace, peridot is a protector against negative emotions. It also contains very powerful cleansing effects. This…

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    Serpentine chip necklace


    Serpentine gem stone chip necklace Serpentine is also known as “New Jade”. It was used in ancient times to guard against disease and protect one from sorcery. Today serpentine is a popular earthing stone that will aid meditation and spiritual exploration. Serpentine stimulates the crown chakra, opening your psychic abilities. Light Serpentine (also Infinite Stone)…

  • Smokey Quartz chip gem stone necklace


    Smokey Quartz chip necklace Wear smokey quartz to increase your sense of personal pride. It promotes a strong joy in life. It opens doors to success, perception and learning so that you can achieve goals. Smokey Quartz Pendant Tumbled Smokey Quartz

  • Sodalite chip gem stone necklace


    Sodalite gem stone necklace Sodalite brings inner peace. Wear a sodalite necklace for its peaceful properties that will flow all around you. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers. Promotes peace and harmony Unites logic with intuition Opens spiritual perception Deepens meditation Instills an urge toward idealism Balances the throat chakra Tumbled Sodalite Sodalite Jewelry Sodalite…

  • Sunstone chip gem stone necklace


    Sunstone chip necklace Sunstone was associated with the Sun during the Rennaissance because of its sparkling orange-gold hue. It was used by magicians to call upon the influences of the sun. It is a protective stone. Placed before a white candle, sunstone will spread protective energies throughout your home. Sunstone is worn to: Give you…

  • Tiger Eye chip gem stone necklace


    Tiger Eye gem stone necklace When used in jewelry the tiger eye (cat’s eye) brings good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight. Read more about the healing properties of Cat’s Eye. Tumbled Tiger Eye Tiger Eye Pendant Tiger Eye Wand