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      Apophyllite crystal point

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Apophyllite crystal point
Natural Crystal Tip (AA)

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Crown, Third Eye


Power, Healing, Love, Protection

Protection Grid: Create a protection grid by placing apophyllite crystals on a table or shelf in each of the four directions with a fifth crystal at the center. This clears and purifies the entire room.

Apophyllite crystal point
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Apophyllite Clusters

Apophyllite Natural Crystal Points and Clusters

This powerful vibrational transmitter is a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one's true self. It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns, making it a very effective personal power crystal.

Clear apophyllite crystals are used to connect one to higher realms.

Keep these points and clusters around the home to bring purity and a spiritual atmosphere to the environment.

  • Facilitate contact with angels
  • Increase inner vision
  • Enhance clairity of remote vision
  • Deepens understanding of spiritual lessons

See AA quality apophyllite clusters sold individually below...

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.