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  • Apophyllite Natural Crystal Tip (AA)


    Apophyllite Natural Crystal Points and Clusters This powerful vibrational transmitter is a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one’s true self. It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns, making it a very effective personal power crystal. Clear apophyllite crystals are used to connect one to higher realms. Keep these points…

  • Goshenite


    Goshenite meaning Goshenite is a highly treasured stone that is widely used as a tool for spiritual assistance, enhancing dreams, gaining loyalty, prayer and for stimulating the mind. Goshenite is a powerful dreamstone Goshenite is a powerful dreamstone. It can inspire one to create and hold a new and higher vision of what is possible….

  • Sedona Vortex Stone Marble


    Sedona Vortex Stone meaning Sedona Vortex Stones are powerful, naturally formed spheres from around Sedona, Azizona. The area around Sedona, AZ is famous for having powerful energy vortexes, which have charged these red mud-stone concretions, making them a perfect dream-stone, or for use in meditation. Some uses of Sedona Vortex Stone are: Harmonizes one’s emotions…