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      Sedona Vortex Stone meaning

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Sedona Vortex Stone
Sedona Vortex Stone Marble
approx. 11mm - 15mm

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Approximate Size:

11mm - 15mm


Rust, Red, Orange


Fire element


Third Eye Chakra, Root Chakra


Grounding, Healing, Elightenment, Balance

Combine Sedona Vortex Stone with:

  • Moldavite
    (for vitality)
  • Phenacite
    (for inner consciousness)
  • Danburite
    (for inner consciousness)
  • Sedona Vortex Stone meaning

    Sedona Vortex Stones are powerful, naturally formed spheres from around Sedona, Azizona. The area around Sedona, AZ is famous for having powerful energy vortexes, which have charged these red mud-stone concretions, making them a perfect dream-stone, or for use in meditation.

    Some uses of Sedona Vortex Stone are:

    • Harmonizes one's emotions
    • Enhances vitality and grounding
    • Helps with contacting spirit guides
    • Increases access to spiritual planes

    Sources of Sedona Vortex Stone

    Sedona Vortex Stone is found around the redrocks surrounding Sedona, Arizona. These marbles are extremely rare and powerful, get them before they're gone!

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