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      Carved Gemstone Dog

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Rainbow Jasper Dog $19.98

Rainbow Jasper Dog
2 1/4" tall

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Genuiine gemstone carving


Loyalty and Love

Totem Lesson:

Loyalty, faithfulness, companionship

Goldstone Dog $19.98

Goldstone Dog
2 1/4" tall


Goldstone Cocker Spaniel
2 1/4" tall

Goldstone Dachshund Dog $19.98

Goldstone Dachshund
2 1/4" long

Obsidian Dog $19.98

Obsidian Dog
2 1/4" long

Dog: symbol of Loyalty and Love

One of the domesticated dog's greatest attribute is the capacity for unconditional love. He helps protect the family from bad feelings toward one another. Dogs have long served as guardians for man. They are infinitely loyal and steadfast in loving kindness, service and protection.

One can learn many things from the dog:

  • The joy of service
  • Loyalty
  • Sensitivity to "sniffing out" dangerous situations
  • Faithful companionship
  • The true meaning of unconditional love

Rose Quartz Pug Dog $19.98

Rose Quartz Pug Dog
2 1/4" tall

Goldstone Puppy $19.98

Goldstone Puppy
2 1/4" tall


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