Emerald Fuchsite Pyramid


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Emerald with Fuschite Pyramid

Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. This emerald fushcite pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra. A balanced Heart Chakra means expansion, freedom and growth.

Emerald is widely considered to be a prosperity stone. It encourages abundant blessings to flow into your life, enhancing your ability to attract those benefits that are most needed and desired at a given time.

Fuchsite amplifies the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfer. It releases one to his own unique pathway.

Emerald and fushchite together make a powerful combination!

Emerald properties

Gemstone Pyramids

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1 1/4" tall x 1 3/4" wide at base


Deep emerald green


Love, Abundance, Healing