The meaning of Quartz gemstone

Quartz Gemstone meaning


Quartz can be found all over the world. Clear crystals with pyramidal terminations are the most common. Quartz

does come in colors. The colors of quartz maybe smoky gray, blue, black, yellow, brownish, violet, purple, pink

or a milky white. The violet to purple color is amethyst. The brownish yellow is citrine. The rose to pale pink

is rose quartz. Colorless quartz is rock crystal. There is also tiger’s-eye quartz. Also chalcedony is a variety

of quartz. This is jasper, agate and onyx. The yellow called sard, red called cornelian, and green called chrysoprase.

Also stones of black and white or gray and white called onyx. Jasper is brownish red. Agates are banded or variegated

in many colors. Moss agate has inclusions that have a moss-like image. Eye agate has ring shaped design in the

center. I will go into more detail on some of these stones.

Quartz is the symbol or patience, perseverance and the infinity of space.

Quartz crystal is considered the “healing stone” of all spiritual matters.

Rock crystal is associated with Gemini. The quartz crystal is another symbol of the Sun, since it sparkles without

being cut and polished.

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