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      Rune Reading - Magick of language

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Rune Reading - Magick of language

All languages began as picture writing, hieroglyphs. In Ancient times, symbols were understood to capture, communicate and even transfer the energy of that which they represented. That is the Magick of Language and as we study the Runes, we shall develop a greater appreciation of all languages, our ability to communicate and the true Power of Words.

Our own Alphabet is derived mostly from the Ancient Norse Celtic Runes and our words and language, then, hold Primal Powers. Let us see how this works. A single symbol or letter holds the essence of the primal energy to which it is aligned. These elements are assigned to a God or Goddess, the personification of different Universal Energies.

The Rune or letter becomes a whole character; we know it fully without thinking it through or naming it's attributes. If you read the word "fire", you know well of what I write. Through past life experience you have a full understanding and there is no need to give a description of what fire is, the word tells it all. We are familiar with whole words as language, but...

Each Rune carries with it a whole story...

rune feoh

"F" (the rune Feoh) is the Primal Symbol for Fire, an absolute necessity of our Ancient Ancestors. We get words like fear, first, flame and find from this Rune's energy. In the word Fire it tells of the hard won acquisition of Fire itself and how frightful the loss of it would be.

rune Is

"I" (the Rune Is, pronounced 'ice') is the primal symbol for ice, oneness and alone, we get our words I and isolation and independent from this Rune. In the word Fire, it tells us the story of ice, cold and being alone.

rune Rad

"R" (the Rune Rad) is the symbol of journey or going around in circles. We get our words radius, radial, and radio from this Rune; the energy to radiate out from the center, make a circle. In the word Fire it tells us of the radiant circle that comes from the fire and the circle that gathers around it.

rune Elks

"E" (the Rune Elks) is the symbol of Elk horns. This is a great clan symbol, the power of family and coming together for protection and the Good Luck that provides. If our Ancestors could follow a herd of Elk they were better assured of survival and a sure food supply. Words like each and every come from this Rune. In the word Fire it tells us of the clan brought together because of the Fire. Everyone's Survival by depending on each other.

Gemstone Rune Sets


Little Book of Runic Wisdom

Book Nordic Runes

This book addresses three major areas: Runelore, the history of this 2000-year-old Norse oracle; Runestaves, the meaning of the individual runes; and Runecasting, a comprehensive guide.
277 pages, softcover.

So then, out of the word Fire comes a whole story told to us by our Ancients...

"Out of the fear and the darkness we found the first flame. We were alone, out there in the ice and cold, isolated one from the other. The warmth that radiated from this flame drew us in, brought us together into the circle of light around the fire. We learned from each other, banded together as a clan and survived. We followed the Elk and, because of the Fire, we were alone no more."

Through the Magick of Runemal, the study and practice of the Runes, all our words have stories to tell. Our very names become magickal words as potent as 'Abracadabra'! Even more so, because they belong to us personally and they encourage us to find our true purpose and empower our lives with the Magick of the Runes.


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.