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      Selenite massage wand

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selenite wand
Selenite round
massage wand

5" long, 1" thick

ships within 48 hours

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Shimmering white with purple and/or green fluorite tip


Personal Power, Protection, Healing



selenite wand
Selenite Round
massage wand

approx. 6" long

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Selenite Heart

Selenite Sphere

Selenite Egg

Red or White Selenite Standing Point


selenite wand
Selenite Wand with Fluorite massage tip
approx. 4 1/2"

selenite wand
Fluorite massage tip

Selenite massage wand

The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. The healing ability of a wand is expanded when it has been aligned with your intention.

Selenite is named for Selene, an ancient Moon goddess. Exchanged between lovers, it will bring about reconciliation.

It has a fine vibration that brings mental clarity, and helps you to access angelic guidance. It dispels confusion and allows you to see the bigger picture.

Selenite instills a deep peace and can also increase your telepathic ability.

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  • No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.