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  • (A Grade) Larimar Polished Bead


    Larimar (dolphin stone, atlantis stone) meaning Larimar is a relatively new find that occurs one place on earth – on the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea. Larimar was originally discovered in 1916 by a Spanish priest who reported the discovery but no mining was done. Then, in 1974, the American Peace Corps Volunteer,…

  • Amazonite spoon massage wand


    Amazonite massage wand Amazonite is a very soothing stone that also filters pollution and other unhealthy emanations. It balances feminine and masculine energy. Use this wand to see both sides of a problem by holding it while meditating on the dual nature of the problem you wish to solve. Amazonite held to your forehead opens…

  • Angelite massage wand


    Angelite Massage Wand This stone is formed from celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years. Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It gives protection in the environment around your body. Promotes compassion and understanding Helps you to speak the truth when this is difficult…

  • Astrophyllite massage wand


    Astrophyllite Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. Astrophyllite is a personal power stone, allowing one to access inner knowledge deep within oneself. It is also used to access communication channels with other beings as well as to assist in astral travel. Astrophyllite is used to: Find one’s…

  • Black Obsidian Six Sided Massage Wand


    Black Obsidian six sided pointed wand Discover hidden factors that may be affecting a situation that is troubling you. Obsidian is born from the fire within the heart of the planet and is only found in volcanic areas where it forms from lava. Obsidian can bring a strong sense of determination to conquer fear as…

  • Black Tourmaline massage wand


    Black Tourmaline Wand Black Tourmaline (Schorl) protects against smog, radiation, psychic attacks, spells of ill wishes, and all kinds of negative energy. It grounds energy as it is connected to the base chakra. Black Tourmaline is a super lucky stone. More Gemstone Wands

  • Bloodstone Eight-Sided Massage Wand


    Bloodstone Healing Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. Bloodstone is used to: Dispel negative influences Bring one’s own energies into a state of balance Purification Grounding stone encourages strength, determination and courage There is a legend that says the bloodstone was formed from the blood of Christ…

  • Brown Aragonite massage wand


    Aragonite Massage Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. Blue Aragonite is a stone that calms emotions and heightens communication, perception, and psychic ability. It can be used to open or balance the third eye, heart or throat chakra. Brown aragonite is a grounding stone. It is often…

  • Carnelian massage wand


    Carnelian Massage Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. Carnelian is a stone of courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence and action. In ancient times it was used in battle to impart courage to warriors and in public speaking to bestow the gift of eloquence. This stone activates the first,…

  • Chiastolite fat massage wand


    Chiastolite (Andalusite, Cross Stone) Massage Wand Chiastolite has been used since ancient times for protection. It transmutes conflict into harmony and dispels negative thoughts and energies. Some uses of Chiastolite include: Psychic protection Grounding Strengthen any chakra Overcome feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression Protection for travellers Gateway to mysteries and out of body travel…

  • Chrysocolla massage wand


    Chrysocolla Massage Wand Chrysocolla is a very beautiful stone with many beneficial energies. It is known as a healing stone among Native American Indian cultures where it was used for strengthening the body’s resistance and bringing about calm feelings where there is upset. Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, increased wisdom, discretion. It is often…

  • Copper Wand


    Copper Wand These solid copper wands are approx. 4 1/2″ inches long. Copper has long been used as a healing metal, especially for arthritis and rheumatism. Copper has been used with blood and metabolism disorders. Copper acts as a conductor when worn on the body. Copper will help the healing effect of any stone when…

  • Dumortierite Massage Wand


    Dumortierite Wand This stone acts as an aid to your mental capabilities in overcoming tough situations. It opens the third eye chakra to enhance mental (and emotional) intelligence. Learning Stone Dumortierite promotes mental discipline especially in regard to learning new things. Students find it useful when they are required to take in large amounts of…

  • Emerald Fuchsite Massage Healing Wand


    Emerald Fuchsite Healing Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. This emerald fushcite wand can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra. A balanced Heart Chakra means expansion, freedom and growth. Emerald is widely considered to be a prosperity stone. It encourages…

  • Gemstone massage mats


    Gemstone Massage Mat These genuine gemstone mats provide soothing relief for aching muscles and tension. Labradorite – Carnelian Hold the mat in your hand and roll the gemstone beads gently over any body part to soothe stress and tension. Rose Quartz (far right)

  • Golden Quartz Massage Wand


    Golden Quartz Healing Wand The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip. Golden Quartz (or yellow quartz) brings these benefits: clarity for decision-making relief from ‘burnout’, panic, nervousness, exhaustion sharper memory and concentration skills protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather Gemstone wands