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      Chiastolite Massage Wand

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Chiastolite fat wand
Chiastolite fat massage wand
2 1/2" long; 3/4" - 1" thick

ships within 48 hours

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approx. 2"-2 1/2" long


Brown and black


Storm Element


Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra


Power, Protection, Love, Prosperity

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Chiastolite (Andalusite, Cross Stone) Massage Wand

Chiastolite has been used since ancient times for protection.

It transmutes conflict into harmony and dispels negative thoughts and energies.

Some uses of Chiastolite include:

  • Psychic protection
  • Grounding
  • Strengthen any chakra
  • Overcome feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression
  • Protection for travellers
  • Gateway to mysteries and out of body travel
  • Enhances the energy of prosperity stones

Healing with Chiastolite

Healers use chiastolite to lessen fevers, rheumatism, balance the immune system, fortify nerves, and increase lactation in nursing mothers.

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