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Tektite 1-1.75"

Tektite (from Indochina)


Polished Tektite 1-1.25"

Polished Tektite

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Tektite - Black
Libyan Tektite - yellow


Good Luck, Power, Magic

Tektite Jewelry


Stones Compatible with Tektite:

Libyan Gold Tektite

Found in the Sahara desert in Libya and Egypt, this rare tektite was used by Egyptian kings in necklaces.

Libyan Gold Tektites carry remarkable energies for enhancing the strength of one's will, one's ability to create, and one's power of manifestation.

Rare - Very limited quantity.


approx 1 1/2"

Libyan Gold Tektite
Libyan Desert Glass
From Great Sand Sea, Libya & Egypt; formed 26-29 million years ago from meteor activity

Tektite meaning

Tektite is a glassy object associated with meteoric impacts. The word 'Tektite' is from the Greek tektos, meaning "molten". Tektites are formed when a large meteorite strikes the Earth.

More than 2000 years ago, the Chinese referred to tektites as Inkstone of the Thundergod. Autralian aborigines refer to them as Mabon, or 'magic' and believe that finding one brings good luck. In India, they are known as the Sacred Gem of Krishna.

Meditation with a tektite will increase telepathy. Carry tektite for heightened psychic sensitivity, psychic travel, increase energy field, open and clear the lower chakras.

Libyan Gold Tektite...

A Meteorite impacted the Sahara Desert about 29,000,000 years ago on the border of Libya and Egypt. The extremely high heat melted the silica in desert sands and formed this translucent glass. It was first used by man about 10,000 years ago and was also used in an amulet by the Egyptian King Tutankhamun. It is the purest natural glass in the world. It can be heated to 1700 degrees C before it melts.

Metaphysical properties include financial prosperity, increased sales and profits, good luck, new ideas.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.