Ocean Jasper Massage Wand


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each wand is different

Ocean Jasper (Orbicular Jasper)

Ocean Jasper (also called Orbicular Jasper) is an unusual jasper found only at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar that can only be mined at low tide! The colors vary widely – including white, green, pink, red, black, blue. The wild polka dots, wavy lines, multi colored floret patterns of Ocean Jasper make this a gorgeous and exciting stone.

The positive vibrations of Ocean Jasper make it a stone of joy.

  • Stimulates solar plexus, heart and throat chakras
  • Increases expression of love in words and actions
  • Gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one’s life
  • Brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace

This powerful stone lifts negativity so one can fully appreciate blessings.

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rounded: 2 1/2" lengthsingle term: 2 1/4"


Varied shades of greens, yellows, browns


Protection, Healing