Massage Healing Wands 6 piece set


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Massage Healing Wands

These rounded massage wands are a great value. Each is approximately 4″ long and made from genuine gemstones.

Wands included in the set are:

  • Moss Agate or Aventurine – Heart Chakra, abundance and prosperity stone
  • Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra, love stone
  • Brecciated Jasper – Root Chakra, grounding and stability stone
  • Lepidolite – All Chakras expecially Third Eye and Heart Chakras, emotional balance
  • Sodalite or Blue Quartz – Throat Chakra, communication and learning
  • Black Obsidian – Root Chakra – Protection

Use these wands for massage, to open chakras or to hold during meditation.

Additional information

Approx. Size:

4" long6 sided, tapered


Green – Moss Agate, AventurinePink – Rose QuartzRed – Brecciated JasperLavender – LepidoliteBlack – ObsidianBlue – Sodalite, Blue Quartz


Healing, Power, Protection