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      Carved Gemstone Wolf

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Rainbow Jasper


Rainbow Jasper Wolf
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2" tall


carved from natural gemstones


Freedom of Spirit

Totem Lesson:

Intelligence, loyalty, your wild spirit

Wolf: symbol of freedom of spirit

The Wolf is a friendly, social, intelligent and a very loyal animal. The Wolf symbolizes the wild spirit in you.

Wolves are naturally eloquent, have a noble passion and easily adapt to a group.

The Wolf lives by rules that will be socially accepted. The Wolf seldom become aggressive and is a good communicator. The Wolf will help you learn how to adapt to the many situations in your life without losing sight of your own goals. Follow your spirit!

If you were born between Feb 19 and Mar 20, the wolf is your Native American birth totem for the Big Winds Moon...

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