Water Element Gemstones

The Water Element Gemstones

The elements are the forces of nature that express the energies existing on Earth. These are Earth, Fire, Wind (Air), Water and Storm. Earth’s energy is released through it’s minerals and stones. Gemstones vibrate to a wide range of energies existing in the elemental forces of nature.

Water Stones for emotional balance.

This element affects your ability to express your thoughts and emotional feelings. It assists in letting go of the past so that you can create your desired future. The water element is associated with your emotional self. Use water element stones to bring balance to:

  • creating healthy relationships
  • expressing your true feelings
  • alleviate depression, fear, sleep difficulties
  • enhance love and compassion
  • maintain a healthy emotional balance

The Water Element governs the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

Zodiac Water Signs

The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. People born under a water sign desire emotional security. They are especially sensitive, intuitive and often artistically inclined. Their compassion gives them understanding and adaptability.

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element stones

5 Element Stones
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  • Hematite for Earth (physical, grounding, structure)
  • Blue Calcite for Wind or Air (spiritual doorways, creativity, vision)
  • Sunstone for Fire (energy, health, willpower, sexual expression)
  • Blue Aventurine for Water (friendships, love, reason, communication)
  • Pietersite for Storm (cleansing, transformation)


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