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      Encountering Gemstones and Crystals

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Crystals and Gemstone Healing – Is a Polished Stone Okay? (Rough Stones, Cut Stones or Polished Stones—which to choose?)

2010 by Benjamin Dean (all rights reserved)

You walk into a gemstone and crystal store and find a little box or basket of polished stones on the counter next to the register—rose quartz, hematite, etc. Are these puppies worth the trouble? They look like they have been through the ringer. You are right—they have. That’s what it takes to polish them. All of the sharp edges have been rounded off.

Polished Edges

You walk into an office building downtown and everybody is sporting a smiling face. You smile back uncomfortably and go about your business. You turn up your peripheral awareness just in case as it all seems a little creepy and unreal. Everybody is hiding their sharp edges.

It is an agreed upon approach to working in the office. It is a performance. After all, they cannot all sit around moaning about their personal issues. There is work to be done. They will manage to sneak a few real moments in here and there—winking or rolling their eyes for those they trust just to maintain sanity.

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Working Undercover

There are those who question the healing power of crystals and gemstones, thinking them absurd and in the same category as a “pet rock”. This is okay. Someone will invariably walk in and purchase a piece of “pretty” hematite to serve as a stocking stuffer. The holiday passes and lo-and-behold a few months later Nancy has a new perspective.

These stones are working undercover as pretty things—nice rounded little stones you can plop in your pocket and forget about. The energy is absorbed and processed without the individual’s knowledge. So a new outlook emerges. Who needs to know? This is as close as these folks will get to gemstone and crystal healing—and it is close enough because it works.

Rocks are Pretty Tough

The healing properties have not been compromised in polished stones. These are rocks. They are pretty tough. You cannot bruise their egos. They keep on emanating. When I choose a stone it is because of how it feels to me. I feel a stronger affinity to rough stones, but that’s just me. I do have a few polished stones, and a few cut stones.

I don’t look at things in nature and immediately think—“How can I improve that?” “Let me just lop off a few pieces here and there so it fits in with my aesthetic” or “Ouch. That corner is kind of jagged. I think I’ll wear it down until it’s more like an ocean pebble.” There is something about certain stones—their personality and their vibration regardless of whether they have been altered from their original state.

Pay Attention to the Inner Life

The healthiest approach is to not judge a book by its cover. Let us also be willing to recognize the value of the undercover stone. There is no shame in operating undercover. The chameleon does it quite naturally. Many species have a built in protection mechanism that comes into play for their own safety. We all dress up a little bit just to minimize the stress when entering what we may consider the opposition’s camp. No shame.

Rough stones, polished stones and cut stones are all the same when it comes to their inner life.

The vibration they give off is the same regardless. It is far more important for us to consider the feelings we get when we encounter a gemstone. This is the true measure of their functionality in terms of healing. Like everything else it comes down to personal preference and subjective experience. What works for one person may not work for another. We want to continue to pay attention— stay in the driver’s seat and resist the temptation to turn on auto-pilot. Health is about being “alive”.

About Benjamin Dean

Benjamin Dean is an author of material on natural healing and holistic health. His articles on healing and meditation can be found online by following the links listed below. In addition to articles, Benjamin writes poetry on the subjects of meditation, mindfulness, consciousness and Zen Buddhism.

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