Personal Power Medicine Bag by Chief Silver Bear

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Nemenhah Chief Silver Bear, LMT/Medicine Man/Shaman

As a child Silver Bear was told by his mother that he had a gift from God to “feel” things and “know” things that other people may find strange or fearful. That he should use the gift wisely and sparingly. Throughout his life he has been witness to many miracles and his blessings have been many.

In the mid 90’s he decided to channel his energies into the healing arts and became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Through this work he found a unique ability to heal through the use of touch, whether it be physical or energetic, and has been blessed to have helped people throughout the United States and indeed from other parts of the world.

In the past few years Silver Bear has returned to his native roots and has studied to be a Medicine Man/Shaman and in doing so was honored with the title of Chief in the Spring of 2011. He has been called a “healer” by many however Silver Bear attributes his abilities to being a mere conduit of the Divine light of God.

silver bear

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