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Personal Power Bag from Silver Bear

by Nemenhah Chief Silver Bear, Medicine Man and Shaman

The Story of My Medicine Bag of Power and My Ritual

For important sacred ceremonial occasions I have a large medicine bundle that I bring with me that requires a lengthy opening bundle ceremony and ritual.

silver bear

For everyday use it is quite impractical for me to carry this bundle to every sacred healing that I perform. Therefore I do my bundle ceremony with my large medicine bundle at home in the morning and leave it open throughout the day then close it when I return home from my healing work.

To represent my large medicine bundle I carry my Medicine Bag of Power, or what one may call my travel medicine bundle. It is a pouch with a cord and 6 sacred stones.

There is a ritual that is done with the Medicine Bag of Power as well but it is brief and more practical for everyday use.

Enhance your energetic insight and healing presence mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The purpose of the medicine bundle and in turn the Medicine Bag of Power is to enhance the practitioners energetic insight and healing presence mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Once the powers of the bag have been invoked, you will be in the presence of the highest energetic and ethereal beings to help you with your intentions. This is sacred ceremonial work, therefore your intentions must be of the highest caliber.

I have arranged to share this power with you by assembling the same 6 stones that I use in my Medicine Bag of Power and placing them in medicine bags for distribution. The Chief Silver Bear Medicine Bag of Power that may be purchased at this site will be directly tied to my main sacred ceremonial medicine bundle. Therefore my powerful medicine will become your medicine as well!

The Medicine Bag of Power ritual:

Before starting your healing work, whether it be for yourself or another,

  • Place the bag in both hands and raise it to the sky saying," Oh Great Spirit Sky Father."
  • Lower your hands toward the ground saying, "Oh Great Spirit Earth Mother."
  • Face the West, raise your hands and say, "Oh Great Spirit I look to the West where I seek council with my ancestors."
  • Face the North, raise your hands and say, "Oh Great Spirit I look to the North where I seek council from the highest of ethereal beings."
  • Face the East, raise your hands and say, "Oh Great Spirit I look to the East where I request to see far into those that seek mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and I ask that I be able to give that which will take them to their highest good with the help of your healing light."
  • Face the South, raise your hands and say, "Oh Great Spirit I look to the South where I look into myself and humbly request that I may be healed of all afflictions that I may possess mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and be brought to my highest good that I may be a clear conduit of your healing light."

Now place the cord of the Medicine Bag of Power around your neck and let the bag settle upon your chest. You may wear it underneath your clothing or on top. I generally wear it underneath my clothing so it doesn't interrupt my sacred work.

Walk sacred and talk sacred my sweet brothers and sisters.

-Chief Silver Bear

The 6 stones used in my bag:

  • Calcite
  • Any red stone (red coral, red jasper, red aventurine)
  • Any black stone (black tourmaline, apache tear obsidian, onyx, jet)
  • Any yellow stone (citrine, topaz, lemon quartz, honey calcite)
  • Any green stone (green aventurine, chrysoprase, jade, moss agate, epidote)

This kit includes one stone of each color above, calcite, pouch and instructions.


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