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Rough Axinite
approx. 1"

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Storm element


Third Eye Chakra, Root Chakra


Grounding, endurance, vitality

Combine Axinite with:

  • Moldavite
    (for vitality)
  • Phenacite
    (for inner consciousness)
  • Danburite
    (for inner consciousness)
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    temp. sold out

    Tumbled Axinite
    size varies 1/2" - 1"

    Axinite meaning

    Axinite is a Truth Stone, helping to reveal inner truth. It assists in avoiding power struggles and conflict.

    Axinite promotes vitality and grounding

    Some uses of axinite are:

    • Harmonizes one's emotions
    • Enhances vitality and grounding
    • Helps with stamina for people who work very hard
    • Increases access to spiritual planes

    Sources of Axinite

    Axinite is found in France, Russia, Mexico and USA. It is formed within the veins and cavities of granite.

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